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Salt Shaker

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This small decorative salt shaker is filled with salt crystals from the Great Salt Lake! The Salt Shaker stands approximately 2" tall.

Although these crystals are 99.5% pure sodium chloride (salt), they are
not for human consumption.

Do Not Eat!

The Great Salt Lake

In 1820, trappers discovered one of the natural wonders of the world – The Great Salt Lake. Because of it's salty taste, early explorers thought it was connected to the ocean. It is actually five to eight times more salty than the ocean. It is salty because it's waters are not drained by outflowing streams or rivers.

The great salt Lake covers approximately 940 square miles and is about 75 miles long and 50 miles wide. The elevation is typically 4,195 feet above sea level. The deepest point is only about 27 feet.

Made in USA

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